If you ever wanted to know what it means to be passionate about the work you do, you should pay the bubbly Natasha a visit at her beautiful new shop, located at 66 HF Verwoerd Street in Heidelberg (next to Home Affairs).

Natasha does everything by herself and when she isn’t busy fussing over a furry friend or engaging in friendly conversation with a customer, you’ll find her reading up on new pet products, always trying to improve what Noensiebytes has to offer.

The story started, like so many others, at home in Covid time when Natasha began the business with a grand total of two bags of dogfood. Her love for her own ‘Noensies’ (Yorkies), who each have their own unique needs, led to the business expanding from home into town in May of 2022 and 2024 to the new premises.

Stock in the shop is not something you might find in your basic pet shop. As we know, pets have specific needs and Natasha caters for them all. She prefers, as far as is possible, to use natural products, whether it be food, medicine or supplements. There is food for puppies, adult dogs, sensitive pooches, overweight doggies, seniors, hypo-allergenic food, soft food, cat food and so much more. There are treatments for every conceivable ailment your canine/feline may be experiencing and there is even a CBD range to calm your best friend down in times of stress (e.g. thunderstorms).

Bedding, jackets, chew toys, bowls, play toys, tags, leashes – you name it and Noensiebytes will have it. This little shop with a big heart even has a “Photo-bwoof” – yes, you can step into the booth and gift your best friend with his/her first photoshoot 📸. Natasha will even give you a complimentary bag of puppy food when you come and take your first photo (while stock is available). How great is that!

Natasha’s aim is to make the lives of people with “animal children” as comfortable as possible while also providing quality care at affordable prices. Customers become friends and their pets become family.

With the client also becoming an integral part of the business, Natasha has introduced a range of products for “human wellness”. Brands such as Pierre EcoHealth, a very affordable variety of Colloidal Silver products, Aloe products as well as different homeopathic remedies can now be found on the shelves. Oh, and not to forget the FoodSocks, an affordable variety of pre-packed dry meals which can feed a family of four.

NoensieBytes offers senior citizens over the age of 65 a loyalty program, has regular special offers and also has a WhatsApp catalogue and a group (0727744252) where you can receive up to date news on upcoming events and specials. Besides this, they have this website, which is informative and very easy to use.

One can feel the passion when one walks into NoensieBytes – there is “care in the air” for both customer and pet companions. Couple this with fantastic, friendly service and high quality products at very reasonable prices and you will be hooked! If you are not from around Heidelberg, make use of the online options – you will receive the same dedication and care.