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Rooibos Chamomile Pet Shampoo is specially formulated for animals, The Rooibos Shampoo is Bio-Degradable, Non-toxic, Earth-friendly and has no artificial or synthetic ingredients.   Endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty, South Africa, for its ethical stance on neither the ingredients nor the final formulation being tested on animals.

This all-natural dog shampoo has been specially formulated to care for your pup’s skin and coat, and it’s carefully pH balanced which means it won’t strip away any natural oils. Made with organic rooibos and chamomile, this pet shampoo is really mild and gentle on your dog’s skin, but will still help to get your pet really clean, washing away dirt and grime with ease. This is a convenient, affordable and completely natural way to healthy skin and a shiny coat for your dog – the formula is biodegradable too, which means it’s gentle on the planet as well as your pet.



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